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Foods That Lower Your Stress Level

Garlic: - Garlic is very helpful in improving stress level, it is high in anti oxidants therefore prevents against diseases. It is a restorative herb which enhances stamina and balances a stressful life. It also keeps a check on hypertension and blood pressure.

Pomegranate: - Pomegranate reduces stress level by reducing cortisol hormones. As it is rich in phytonutrients which are type of anti oxidants it reduces heart diseases.

Cashew: - Cashews are everyone's favorite and they are good for mental health as well. They are rich in magnesium that maintains the energy as well as nervous system. Since they are full of vitamin B6 they produce serotonin which has a great impact on our mood.

Chamomile: - Chamomile is a well-known ingredient for good night sleep. Its properties help in reducing fever, insomnia. It is rich in amino acids which relieves pain from muscles. As it has many calming ingredients it reduces stress level.

Dark Chocolates: - Dark chocolates have antioxidants which help in healthy and happy living. Recent studies found that dark chocolates reduces the stress level hormones and also balances the stress metabolic signatures.


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