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5 Skin Care Myths & Top Tips for a Healthier Complexion

5 Skin Care Myths & Top Tips for a Healthier Complexion

As we know skin is the largest organ in our body. When skin gets hurt, it takes time for recovering. The skin is made by cell layer & nerves that play the main role in our body. It is a very complex system. A healthy skin has its own antibacterial substances which help from infection and keeps skin healthy. 

Here are some 5 Common Skin Care Myths:

Myth #1: All Sun Must be Shunned: 
A healthy body have healthy skin which can only produce vitamin D to prevent our skin from Sunburn, Hydration, Sensation, Cancer and support our Immune System, Bone & Teeth.

Myth #2: Tanning Must be Avoided: If we spend a long time under the sun, sun rays can convert our fairy skin into a tanning skin. We should try to spend minimum time under the sun, use sun skin creams.

Myth #3: Sunless Tanning Lotions/Sprays are Safe: In the market so many products are available that can remove tanning. But the point is that is it safe or not for our skin. Before purchasing spray and sunless tanning cream, we should check at once. They are made by using some chemicals also.

Myth #4: The Higher the SPF of Your Sunscreen, The Better: SPF prevents our skin from UV rays & sun rays. It allows reflecting the rays in other direction.

Myth #5: All Skin Care Products on the Market are Safe: The question is that All Skin Care Products on the Market are Safe or not. We should know that in our market there are 10500 products available in the market and use mostly for the skin care. so before buying any product it is better to read chemical content carefully and also discuss with skin doctor if you are having sensitive skin.


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