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7 years ago
5 Negative Effects of Coffee

5 Negative Effects of Coffee

Everyone likes to drink Coffee in winters. You drink coffee for getting relief and some for getting good taste. If you drink coffee one or two times in a week, it's good for your health But if you drink coffee one or two times in a day that may create problem. Drinking coffee in excess is very bad for health. Coffee beans contains caffeine and excess intake of caffeine causes headache, agitation, insomnia, nausea, increased heart beat, stomach upset and nervousness.   

Here are some negative effects of Coffee on health -

1. Diabetes: Coffee contains huge amount of caffeine and it increases risk of Diabetes.
2. Stress and Tension: Many people drink coffee for getting free from their tension, but it does not work for this. After drink coffee it increases level of heart beat & blood pressure.
3. Thinning of Bones: If you drink coffee so much it means the quantity of caffeine is so much. It boosts calcium increase in body and flush out through urine. It makes your bones so much thin.
4. Heartbeat Problem: Drinking so much coffee is the only cause of heartbeat problem.
5. Diarrhea: Those who takes coffee in a large amount may also suffer from Diarrhea.


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