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7 years ago
Home Remedies To Improve Stamina and boost your energy

Summers are just around the corner and in few days the sun will be emitting heat rays on us and we will feel like all our energy has drained out. So here are some home remedies for you to improve stamina and boost energy:-

Banana: - Banana is a rich source of sugars such as sucrose, fructose, and glucose. These sugars provide your body quick and huge boosts in energy. The main ingredients in banana which convert sugar into energy are potassium. Banana also has fiber that maintains the glucose level in our blood. To eat a banana you can just peel two bananas and eat them or make smoothies to drink it. You can also eat a ripe banana with two tablespoons of honey two times a day. This will strengthen your body.


Almond: - Almonds are the rich source of vitamin E .This makes it great for providing energy and eliminating the weakness from the body. The major cause of weakness in most of the people is a lack of magnesium. Almond also has magnesium that converts carbohydrates, proteins, fat into energy. All you need to do is soak 4-5 almonds overnight, peel and eat them in the morning.

Milk: - Milk contains all the essential vitamins which our body need. Milk is rich in calcium and therefore makes our bones and muscle strong, this helps in fighting weakness. For best results drink lukewarm milk. You can add a tablespoon of honey to the milk.


Gooseberry: - Indian gooseberry is a rich in nutrients and vitamins C, Therefore it is best and you should consume it daily. Indian gooseberry is also rich in calcium, iron, carbohydrates, phosphorous and proteins. If you eat one amla a day it will also trigger the immunity system. To eat it gooseberry daily, take few pieces of Indian gooseberry and remove the seeds from it. Place them in a mixer and extract fresh juice. Now take 4 tablespoons of juice and add honey to it. You can drink this mixture two times a day.


Licorine: - Licorine is a herb that can help you with your weakness. It triggers our adrenal hormones and gives energy to our body. If you consume it daily, it will strengthen your metabolism and your appetite will be enhanced. To take licorice in your diet, take hot water in a glass and add half a tablespoon of licorine powder and honey. Mix it well and drink it two times a day. High blood pressure patients should consult their doctor before consuming licorine.


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