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Eye Exercises To Improve Your Vision

We all spend most of our times staring at our laptops, desktops or phone screen, which can cause eye pain and decrease in eye vision. So here are some of the basic eye exercises which you can try to keep your eyes healthy.

Blinking: - When you blink your Eyes Quickly for 30 seconds four to five times a day, it makes your eyes witness quick microseconds of dark and light rays. This works like rebooting your system. This will promote in releasing previous information and prepares the brain for any new information, which further helps in removing stress from eyes. It also reduces the risk of eye diseases and improves eye vision.


Palming: - Palming helps in releasing eye stress and relax the eyes. To rest your mind as well as eyes from a busy day at work you can try palming. Before palming take few deep breaths, close your eyes and rest your hands on the eyes. Don’t put too much pressure on your eyes and make sure that you are able to blink freely.


Zooming: - Zooming is the most effective eye exercise if you are not able to focus. If you do this once a day it can promote concentration. For this, you need to zoom in and out. If you find it difficult to focus on the far and near points then use your thumb for this exercise. Take deep breaths, stretch your arms and keep your thumb in thumbs up position. Bring your thumb closer while focusing on the thumb when the thumb get close to your face slight move your thumb away again till your arms are stretched like in the initial position.


Rapid Shifting: - The rapid shifting of eyeballs helps in strengthen the muscles of your eyes. So move your eyes balls from left to right and from top to bottom. Due to rapid eye movement in the vertical and horizontal direction, the eye muscles get flexible and strong.


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