Food That Causes Acne

Dairy: - Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter can make acne worse. Reason being, the milk used in dairy products comes from pregnant cows. This milk has hormones which our body converts into Dht. (dihydrotestosterone) This DHT Can trigger the oil production in the skin and cause acne.

Caffeine: - Drinks like coffee and tea contains caffeine which boosts acne production in the skin. Caffeine triggers the adrenal gland that increases stress level in our body. And we all are very much aware of the fact that too much stress also causes acne.

Chocolates: - There is no direct relationship between chocolate and acne. But there is evidence that proves that dietary item which is high in sugars and fatty acid can cause acne breakout andChocolates is one such thing which is high in sugar and which people binge eat it.

Gluten: - Food that is rich in gluten like wheat, yeast barley etc that can cause inflammation and digestion related issues that can trigger acne. Just like sugar, gluten also affects our skin so avoid gluten.

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