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7 years ago
5 Thing about woman that every men should know

It said that understanding woman is not everyone’s cup of tea. Reason being woman face complex emotions and she wants other person to understand it without saying it. So here we bring 5 things which men should definitely know about woman so that they can easily deal with them.

She Constantly Need To Be Reassured:-
Men hate it reassuring but if you want to keep her with you tell her how much she means to you. Impress her, pamper hers and above all love her with all your heart. If you don’t do this she will ask you a lot of annoying question. So make sure you tell her a lot how much you are emotionally attached to her.

Sometimes, all she needs is her mom: -   When a woman is sick all she need is her favorite dish made by her mom and snuggle under blanket. She knows that only her mom will be able to understand his physical and mental discomfort.

She wants to feel loved: - Some of the woman feels insecure about their partner love for them. For this a guy can either reassure her. Especially after a fight tell her that you love her no matter what and everything will be fine soon. When she is upset give her a warm hug. The second thing you can do is pursue her .every woman need to be pursued during the relationship.

She wants to be complimented: - She wants you to compliment her often. Women are wired to be a little insecure about their looks. Even if she is extremely beautiful she still want your compliments and want to know that you only have eyes for her. So tell her that you admire her, notice her and adore her.

She wants to feel listened to: - She wants you to listen to her worries, inhibitions and dreams. She doesn’t want a solution to the problem. But all she wants is someone who can listen to her and identify with her in that moment.

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