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7 years ago
Summer Food That Will De-Bloat

Whether you eat healthy or unhealthy bloating can happen. Most of the time bloating happens due to excess eating. But don't worry here are some of the foods which can help you to de-bloat this summer.
Tomatoes: - Potassium-rich food like tomatoes also help in prevents bloating by reducing the sodium level from our system. When our body is dehydrated it needs fluids and eating tomatoes can solve that problem as it has more than 95 percent water content which will keep you hydrated and prevent bloating

Cucumbers: - Cucumbers has an antioxidant named quercetin that removes swelling.The main composition of cucumber is water, vitamin C, and sodium which prevents water retention while keeping the skin hydrated. One of the other good thing about cucumber is the presence of caffeic acid, antioxidants which reduce inflammation.

Avocado: - Avocado is one fruit in which fructose and sorbitol are absent. These two ingredients are the main cause of bloating and gas. Avocados eat the friendly gut bacteria, therefore, improving the digestion. The best time to eat avocados is summer due to its peak production at this time of the year.

Watermelon: - Watermelon has more than 90 percent water content and it is the best fruit to munch on in summers. Whenever there is excess salt in our diet, our body needs water to balance out the excess sodium. So eating water-rich food is suggested. Such water-rich food is the best way to get some water in our system and flush out all the excess salt.

Kiwi: - Kiwi is loaded with actinidin, a natural enzyme that digests protein and stops bloating. It is said that both types of kiwi the green and Sun gold one are good sources of fiber which reduce the chances of bloating by triggering digestion.

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