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6 years ago
Top signs your Body Can’t Tolerate Caffeine

 As soon as we start feeling tired we go grab a cup of coffee or other caffeinated drink to stay fresh and awake. But if you notice some weird after effects of drinking coffee then it is a sure shot signs that your body can’t tolerate caffeine. Here are some of the signs you should consider before grabbing the next cup of coffee.

You can’t Sleep: - If you have a hard time sleeping at night then coffee is a big time no. The caffeine in coffee can have a negative impact on the internal clock of the body. The decaf coffee is nothing different from the normal one. It also has caffeine but in less amount.

You Are Dehydrated: - As per doctors, it is advised not to drink coffee if you don’t drink enough amount of water. The caffeine in coffee can dehydrate your body. You might feel light-headed which happens due to lack of fluids. If something similar is happening to you then just avoid caffeinated drinks.

You Get Anxious: -As per recent research, if you living up on too much caffeine then you might become over anxious and stimulated. If such kind of thing happens then take caffeine in a lower amount. for example instead of having 4 cups of coffee just drink two.

Your heart Rate shoots up: - If you feel like your heart races abnormally or you get jittery feelings after having caffeine then the caffeine is definitely harming your heart health.

You have Osteoporosis: - Caffeine can put your bones at a greater risk. It can cause loss of bone density or osteoporosis. This happens due to loss of calcium from the body. It can also decreases calcium absorption and increase calcium secretion.

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