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7 years ago
Tips for Healthy Nail Care

Tips for Healthy Nail Care

With a healthy nail, your hands look also beautiful or you can say that beautiful hands have healthy nails. It's not difficult to keep clean and healthy nails. Dirty nails can make you sick. Therefore you should take care of your nails, like your hairs and skin.
Here are some nail care tips to make your nails look healthy and beautiful -

1. Don't use scissor or clip to cut your nails, always use nail cutter and nail file for cut and shape of nails.
2. Use the nail polish only for the occasion instead of using it very day.
3. Use hand gloves during home cleaning as water can make your nail dry and damage it.
4. You should apply moisturiser cream after every wash off hands.
5. Always use nail remover for removing nail paint.
6. Don't bite the nails.
7. Drink more water it will make your nails strong.
8. For soft and clean nails always take manicure at home or salon.
9. Don't use your nail as a tool such as scratching of papers.
10. Cut your nails straight across.


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