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Makeup means related to our beauty which we apply in our daily life but if we talk about party makeup so this makeup is the different comparison to the normal makeup, for the party makeup we are going to take tips. These are the following:-delas

1. Cleansing your face: - Before starting the makeup, you have to wash your face with warm water and then apply cleanser on your face to remove dust from your face.  

2. Moisturize your face: - Now we are going to apply moisturizer cream on your face so that your face looks natural. 

3. Base makeup: - Take a foundation and then apply on your face with the help of brush and then apply shimmer powder on all over the face with the help of a brush. 

4. Eye makeup: - For your eyes, you need to apply eye shadow on the eyes and then apply eyeshadow with the mascara and take an eyebrow pencil to apply on your eyebrows.

5. Lips makeup: - Take a lip liner pencil and apply on your lips so that your lips look in a perfect shape then apply lipstick on lips according to your outfits and after that, you can also apply gloss for the shining lips. 

In this way, we can do party makeup for any occasion, therefore, 
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