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6 years ago
Summer Skincare Essential

Are you confused about which skincare products to choose for summers? Then let's have a look at some of the skin products which are essential for summers to keep our skin protected and glowing.
Moisturizer: - Most of us think that it's fine to skip the moisturizer in the summers because of sweat. But this is a just a common misconception because our skin needs hydration and moisture even during summers. The right thing to do is apply a light weight moisturizer.Don't forget that if you keep ditching the moisturizer your skin will end up dehydrated and dry.
Sun Protection: - Summers are the time when the sun is at its peak so you need to double up the sun protection. You can try sunscreens from SPF 30- 50 and don’t forget to reapply it after every 4 hours. While looking for a sunscreen for summers look for a formula which gets easily absorbed into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy.
Tone: -In Summers our skin needs freshness and hydration because the sun rays are going to soak up all glow from our face. A good toner will come handy at such times which will keep oil at a bay and maintain the ph balance of the skin.
Exfoliate: - Summers are incomplete without a tan, to remove tan,  exfoliate your skin with tan removal scrub. This will help in getting rid of all the dead skin cells and reveal a bright complexion.

Clay Mask: - Clay mask is the perfect way to soothe our skin from the harsh sun rays. Clay mask soaks up all the oil and gives a cooling sensation to the skin.

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