Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Cold Treatments : Effective Top 10 Home Remedies for Cold

Every day you get exposed to a lot of bacteria and viruses from the environment and the immune system constantly works to eliminate the same. Flu is nothing but the common cold. The main infectious agent for flu is the influenza virus. Antibiotics available in the market are good enough to tackle the same and are indeed the easiest solution.This is not good news at all! Let’s see what are the home remedies for cold.
10 Home Remedies For Cold:
1. Steam up The Whole Tract
2. The Secret Ingredient Soup
3. Ginger Wonder
4. Bring Out That Phlegm
5. Spice It Up
6. Famous Chicken Soup
7. Prevent The Sore Throat
8. Turmeric to The Rescue
9. Go Herbal
10. Cocktail Drink

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