How Does Poor Blood Circulation Affect Our Skin?

Poor Blood Circulation affects our health but does you know it is one of the leading cause of skin problems. Following are some of the possible skin problems caused due to poor blood circulation and their treatment.

Uneven Skin Tone: - When there is poor blood circulation there is a lack of oxygen in the blood. therefore it can cause skin pigmentation, dark spots around a specific area of the face.

Unattractive Skin Tone: - People suffering from anaemia usually has poor blood circulation which can cause dull and tired looking complexion.

Acne: - Due to poor blood circulation our organs are unable to eliminate toxins properly.when toxins are not eliminated from our body they will exert pressure on the lymph nodes and this will cause acne formation on the skin.

Dark Circles: - Dark circles are caused by poor blood circulation because the area around the eye is thin and less oxygenated, which causes the area to appear blue and purple.

Treatment Of Poor Blood Circulation:-

Diet: -
Eating a balanced diet which has an equal proportion of vitamins and proteins is beneficial.You can also take vitamin supplements if you are not able to get a proper diet.

Massage: - Massage increases the blood circulation level in the skin.When blood circulation is improved it will deliver an equal amount of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells.

Exercise: - To get an instant glow on the face, exercising is the best possible way.As soon as you start exercising you will notice a glowing face due to improved blood circulation.

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