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7 years ago
November = National Healthy Skin Month

November = National Healthy Skin Month
November is known as the National Healthy Skin Month of the year in US.
When the time go ahead we start prepration for the harsh winter month, November.
Here are a lot of things people can do during National Skin Health Month(November) to care about their skin frm damage skin, irritations, sun burn, ageing spots e.t.c.
Wear sunscreen:We have to wear suncreen in both seasons sumer & winter.Sun rays can harm us in winter season also.We should always wear a mask for prevent our skin from dust particles, molecules, UV rays.we should keep with us sun skin moisturizer which have SPF quality. 

Eat a healthy diet: Both season we should take healthy diet according the season.We eat watermelon, oranges, cucumber and drink much more water for prevent our body from dehydration.Same as in winter for prevent to eat dry fruits such as almonds, nuts, peanuts as well as we can eat green vegetables.
Don’t forget your lips: In winter cold winda are blowing that can be harm for our lips,it can make dry,rough,scratchy to our skin and lips.For prevent our lips we can apply petrolium jelly,it makes our lips soft and beautiful.
Moisturize: Moisturizer is the best for heathy skin, without moisturizer in winter we cant keep our skin healthy.Moiturizer should be apply twice in a day if we want to healthy skin.
With these above points we can keep our skin glowing for all the days of November and the rest of the year.


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