Pedicure is the process of keeping your feet clean and free from harmful bacteria which may create problem for you. Doing your pedicure at home is very easy without any extra time consuming. Here are given some steps for easy pedicure at home –
  1. Make sure you have essential tools for pedicure like Nail Clippers, Nail File, Cuticle Pusher, Cuticle oil, scrub, pumice stone, towel, moisturizer, nail polish remover and Cotton.
  2. You can use your cloth washing tub as basin for feet soaking. Fill it with enough water to cover your feet and then add bathing salt, one lemon juice and foot wash or liquid hand wash.
  3. First of all, remove nail polish by using cotton dubbed in nail polish remover and then place your feet in tub for 10 to 20 minutes. Dry your feet thereafter.
  4. Use clippers to cut toe nails so as to remove extra nails above skin and do not cut nails deep at corner so as to avoid ingrown nails.
  5. Take nail file to file the nails. You should do nail filing in such way that it should look slightly rounded at corner.
  6. Rub cuticle oil on each toe nail and leave it for some time. In between remove dead skin using pumice stone. Remove dead skin from heals, side of heals and toes. Now wipe off the cuticle cream and slowly put back cuticles with cuticle pusher.
  7. Now do scrubbing of feet and thereafter clean feet properly. Apply thick moisturiser
  8. Now, put nail paint of your choice, if you want.
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