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6 years ago
Lessons You Have Learnt After Dating The Wrong Guy

Meeting your Mr. Right is not as easy as it seems. You have to go through many heartbreaks and breakups. But if you look at the positive side of dating a wrong guy you will come to know that you learn a lot from failed relationship which will help you to find you Mr right.Here are some of the important lessons you learn after dating a wrong guy.

It’s About Priorities:-People who say that they are busy most of the times sometimes they are not. It’s just that you might not be on their priority list anymore. If they really love you they will take out a time or reschedule their work.

Trust you’re Instincts: - The instinct or gut feeling is never wrong so listen to it. If your inner voice says that a guy is serious about you then he probably is serious about you also don’t neglect the feeling if it says the guy is not into you. You can always have an idea about guy’s intentions.

Know Your Limits: - If a guy is wrong, you learn what you can and can’t tolerate or accept. At some times when we like someone very much we compromise on many of our standards but the truth is that it is only going to harm your relationship. The wrong will take you for granted and will test your patience on how far you will go.

The difference between circumstances and excuses: - When you date the wrong you come to know the difference between circumstances and excuses. Whether they are really into some problems or just making excuses. The wrong guy never wants to make the efforts all he knows is how to make excuses.

Relationship is about happiness:- Last but the most important lesson you learn is that a relationship is about being happy. You should be comforted, not sad and angry most of the times. If both of you fights too much and then it’s time to move on.

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