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6 years ago
Lazy Girls Hair Hacks Used By Models

There are days when we want to just oversleep, feel lazy and do nothing. Feeling lazy is completely fine but such days can be quite painful. Here are 5 hair hacks for all those lazy days.

Hack 1#: - If you have fine hairs, for the volume, don’t use heating tools, make a top knot while your hard are still damp and lose them free after few hours. You will get natural wavy hairs without any chemical or heat.

Hack2#: - To get the perfect perky ponytail tie a regular ponytail then using bobby pins right under your pony on the hair elastic. Your pony will look more voluminous and fuller.

Hack#3: -For natural loose curls, make many sections in your hairs and tie in a loose pony. Curl each section of the pony one at a time and open the pony you will get home best curls without much effort.

Hack #4: - For deep conditioning. Apply a hair mask on your hairs, comb your hairs and secure your hairs in a bun for a whole day. Your hair will soak up the good ingredients and they will look soft and smooth after the rinse.

Hack#5: - For the twisted bun, first section your hairs in two sections and make
ponytails. Now braid each ponytail as per your choice and bring them together. Cross each ponytail and secure them in a bun with bobby pins.

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