Best DIY Hair Mask For Dry Skin

Winters are officially here and by this time your skin and hairs must be already screaming out for moisture and hydration.In the upcoming days, your hairs will lose moisture and that means your shiny hairs will start looking dull, tresses dry and damaged in no time.

So here we bring some of the hydrating and moisturizing DIY hair masks to get the perfect 
ltresses in winters.

1) Avocado and Coconut Oil Mask: - Avocado has a high amount of fatty acid. Just smash avocado with coconut oil and honey and apply this mask once in a week your hairs will start looking healthy in no time.

2) Egg and Milk Mask: - We know that eggs have a high amount of proteins which are beneficial for hairs. Just mix two or three eggs with milk and slather it on your hairs. This will not only promote hair growth but also helps in getting thick hairs.

3) Olive Oil and Vitamin E Mask: - A mixture of olive oil and vitamin E oil can turn any frizzy, dry and damaged looking hairs into soft and smooth hairs.


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