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We are always curious as well as worried to know what is going to happen in our future and in this we forget to live our present. Our future is always before us in the form of our present because our present is what we have aspired to live in our past and when it comes to us then instead of living it we start preparing for future that never comes actually.

Being present makes you be mindful and is one of the best modes of enjoying doing everything which might even be boring and worthless.Have you ever thought that why you are always worried and thoughtful and not available in your present? It simply means you are either in your past or in your future and none of these is going to make you happy. Actually, if you think about the purpose of life then you will know that we born and we die and in between of this is this life which we are supposed to live, enjoy, love, care and above all be happy. Life teaches us many lessons and lucky are those who learn from these and follow in their life.

Dwelling on past accomplishments will serve no purpose. Going ahead will automatically fill your past memories, and when you are healed, you will have only memories of the past which are always memorable, no matter good or bad. Always watch your thought process when you are alone because that is when you are actually oneself. Every day gives you 5 minutes from your busy schedule and 
sits quietly without thinking anything, just concentrate on the present and leave your mind free. Living in present is as beautiful as taking new born for the first time in your arms and feeling his tenderness, it’s amazing without comparison!

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