Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Honey And Cinnamon For Colds

With cold and flu season on the verge, I thought I would share my favorite cold and flu remedy.A mixture of honey and cinnamon for colds or the flu has been used for generations! The mixture is often called a cure for colds. It has been shown to reduce the length of a cold by at least 2 days and it also reduces the severity of symptoms.
Why A Mixture Of Honey And Cinnamon For Colds Or The Flu Works:
Cinnamon is also beneficial as it contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties.
Honey and cinnamon are powerful immune boosters! You can use this remedy to not only reduce the severity of your cold, but also prevent future colds or other viruses.Together these two ingredients make a super healing combination.

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