Bad Beauty Habits To Break Now

When it comes to bad beauty habit we have been there being it the beginners or the beauty experts. Here are some of the most common beauty habits which we need to break. To get any beauty care treatment book beauty care services at home.

Sleeping In Makeup: - After a busy day if is quite obvious to feel lazy at night. We just want to fall into our bed and sleep. But sleeping with makeup on is not good for skin. Even if you are wearing sunscreen you should make sure to remove it properly before going to bed. When you sleep with makeup on it restricts the oxygen to the skin which can lead to damage of collagen and elastin. Therefore at least run wet wipe clothes to remove all your makeup.

Sleeping In Makeup

Not Taking Enough Sleep: - A good night sleep is more beneficial than any expensive skin cream. But our life routines like late night office, parties and use of mobiles at night make it difficult for us to sleep on time. A sleep of 8 hours is required to get the perfect skin and glow. You should turn off your phones and laptops at least 1 hour before going to bed also make a proper schedule to get a consistent 8 hours sleep every day.

Not Taking Enough Sleep

Avoiding SPF: - Who doesn’t like to get sun-kissed in the summer? But in this pursuit of getting a tanned glow on our face and our laziness, we forget to slather sunscreen on our face and this is the biggest mistake we can do to our skin. Also, make sure to apply sunscreen in winters too.

Avoiding SPF

Popping Out A pimple: - Popping out pimples can be tempting but after popping it we are guilty of doing that. Therefore always resist the urge to pop your pimples. When you pop one pimple it affects the surrounding area of the face and starts getting, even more, pimples.

Popping Out A pimple

Dirty Makeup Brushes: - We love applying makeup but we forget to wash our makeup brushes. We keep using dirty makeup brushes full of germs and bacteria which can cause acne and pimples. So make sure to wash your makeup brushes with gentle baby wash at least once a week.
Dirty Makeup Brushes

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