Why cleansing at night is important?

Why cleansing at night is important?

You should use the cleanser for removing makeup as well as it's important to use cleanser at night before going for sleeping time. At night when you sleep your skin is in repair mode, at that time the soaking power of skin is good. Your skin can absorb that cleanser easily from your deep pores. If you go to sleep after washing your face then you will feel fresh with the clean face in the morning. Never use warm water for washing your face or even if you use warm water for face cleaning then also always end washing with cold water because cold water will close open pores.


You can keep your skin clean by washing your face double time with Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. Neutrogena gives a new clean look to your face. Make this habit to wash your face using cleanser at night daily in your routine.
It’s beneficial for skin and by using it face skin is free from dirt and pollution.

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