Indian Women Saree | Types of Sari

Saree, the six yards of grace is the most popular women’s outfit in India. It must have been worn by millions of Indian women. It is a very versatile and graceful outfit which can be worn in different ways and on various occasions like daily wear, marriage or work wear. In India, various kinds of saris can be found in various regions. Some of these saris are listed below. Also, if you wish to get your blouse stitched of your favorite sari right at your home, you can book FemaleAdda at home tailor service.

Konrad Saree:- Konrad Sari is also known as temple sari. It hails from Tamil Nadu. This saree was used to drape god and goddesses in the temple. The best thing about konrad sari is that it comes in wide border and the motifs used in the sari are wedding inspired designs. These saris usually come in earthly colors.
Konrad Saree


Kanjeevaram: - Kanjeevaram sari is also known as kanjeepuram saree. These saris are famous worldwide for their elegant and rich look. In this sari, the border is designed with a silver thread which is gold dipped. Most of the south Indian brides wear kanjivaram saris on their marriage or any other auspicious occasion.


Bandhani Saree: - Bandhani saree hails from the land of Gujarat. These saris are made with light weight fabric on which patterns are created with tie and die method. These are sari can be found in all bright colors like pink, red and orange.
Bandhani Saree


Kanth saree: - In kantha sari, embroidery is done with running stitch. In this sari, floral, animal and bird motif are created. Originally the rural women of west Bengal started creating this sari to keep them engaged.
Kanth saree


Tant Saree: - Tant is also known as the Bengal cotton saree. The literal meaning of tant is “made of loom”. All those women who love to wear cotton saree definitely own at least one tant sari because it is made of finest cotton.
Tant Saree


Kota Darai: - This sari comes from Kota a very know place in Rajasthan. These saree are very light weight so very convenient to wear in summers and are easily draped. These saree comes in cotton as well as in silk.
Kota Darai


Banarasi Brocade: - Banarasi saree is the most popular saree among north Indian woman. Its origin can be found in Mughal era. Every woman wishes to wear banarasi sari at least once in a lifetime. In this sari usually, motifs of flowers and leaves are drawn.

Banarasi Brocade


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