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Risks Of Having Sex Before Marriage

In earlier time’s sex before marriage was a taboo but nowadays more number of people are getting into a physical relationship before marriage. Pre- marital sex can have mental as well physical consequences. Read on to find out the top risks of having sex before marriage.

It hampers communication: - When partners avoid pre-martial sex their communication is good as they are not just focused on getting pleasures but they share life opinions and experiences. Their conversation has a deeper meaning. It is easy to relate to someone on a physical level but very difficult to relate on an emotional level also being physical can haze another form of communication.

It encourages selfishness: - Relationship which is based on physical intimacy can lead to selfishness and self-satisfaction. The partners can get jealous about other people whom their partner find attractive. This can create insecurity and you tend to ask for more.

If you break up it will hurt more: - Sexual activity can bind you to the other person. So if in future the partners decide to break up then the agony of the break will be devastating. When there is no physical relationship breakup is less overwhelming.

It can lead to unwanted pregnancy and STD: - Sex before marriage is not responsible sex. You might send up getting pregnant or might get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) in the case of unprotected sex.All of this can be avoided by waiting till marriage to have sex.

It can make you feel guilty: - No matter how much we say we are broad minded, as an individual we can still feel guilty of doing pre-martial sex. Guilt can affect your brain in a negative manner so it is best to avoid sex to stay away from any sort of guilt.


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