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6 years ago
How To Handle A Breakup?

Separation is grieving, especially if you are breaking up with your partner. Even if you think the decision is in the favor of both of you, sooner or later you are going to break down.deals

When your feelings get hurt, then even the calm conversations can make you get into big fights. As the partners feel hurt and abandoned and the trust issue that develops after spending memorable time with someone. People who have dealt with big breakup still don’t know the best way to confront with a breakup.

As per relationship experts, breaking up is really hard and there is no specific rule about when a relationship is over. It is basically a feeling, that grows over a period of time when things are not working out between partners, when the either the both of you or one of you not making any efforts and when you feel that instead of being happy, you are sad most of the time with your partner.
At the beginning of any relationship, everything seems fine and because of the excitement, but as times passes, the happiness withers away. Both of you start going in different direction reason because there is no clarity about the distance which got developed over time.


Things get worse with time, the partners start feeling anger, shock, resentment and sometimes even depression as you confront that you are about to break up with your partner.

So when you break up, be honest. It is really important, to be honest with your partners and yourself. Tell them all reasons why you are putting things to an end and ask them the same. It is important that you don’t hide anything from them. Don’t leave your partner confused and also don’t make false promises.

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