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How To Remove Oil Stains From Clothes

Getting stains on clothing is quite normal but when it is an oil stain, it becomes quite difficult to remove it. Harsh detergents and bleach might remove the oil stains but they can do serious damage to your cloth. So here are some natural ways to remove oil stains.

Vinegar: - Vinegar has a strong astringent property which is very effective in removing oil and grease stains. The cloth which has oil stains has foul smell, vinegar helps to deodorize that. To remove the oil stains from clothes you need to dip only that portion of cloth which has oil in the vinegar solution. In case of colored cloth, first mix the vinegar along with hot water in equal proportion and then dip the cloth. This will protect the colored cloth from fading. After soaking it in vinegar, scrub the cloth to remove the stain completely.

Lemon: - Lemon is the best natural bleaching agent, it can lighten all stains and also vanish oily stains from clothes. All you need to do is cut the lemon in half and rub it on the stain by squeezing the juice. Then dry the cloth and wash it with normal water.

Baking Soda: - Baking soda has porous nature due to the soda crystals in it, it has great soaking abilities. Just sprinkle enough amount of baking soda on the stain and once it gets completely soaked it will soon change its color to brown. You can repeat the process till this process stain is completely gone.

Powder: - Powder can be found in everybody's home and it is also an easy way to remove oil stains. The powder is made with talc and it soaks up the oil in no time. This remedy is perfect if you are trying to remove stains from delicate clothes. Just take a generous amount of powder and spill it on the cloth, when the powder gets completely soaked, wash the cloth with detergent.

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