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7 years ago
Health Benefits of Used Teabags

Health Benefits of Used Teabags:

Here are some benefits of using teabag as well as some Ponts describe also.

1-Sunburned Skin
2-Tired Eyes and Dark Circles
3.Razor Burn
4.Gray Hair
5.Bleeding Gums and Toothache
6.Baby’s Pain from Injection

1-Sunburned Skin: For teabags is very effective home treatment.put it on the face and wash it with the cold water.We can add this also in the water at bath time.

2-Tired Eyes and Dark Circles: The cause of dark circles and tired eyes is by spending a long time in front of a computer as well as more using cell phones.Put Teabags on the eyes for few minute and remove teabags.

3.Razor Burn: During shaving suddenly sometimes happen razor burn, For razor burn problem teabags one of the best solutions, it will relief from cut pain.Simply apply it on the affected area leave it for a minute.Remove the bag and repeat it regularly.




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