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Benefits Of Ghee For Hairs


Ghee or clarified butter is the most common ingredients in Indian kitchens. Most of us believe that ghee can be used jus for eating but as per Ayurveda, it can do wonders for hairs. Here are some of the listed benefits of ghee for hairs.

Deep conditioning treatment: - If you have dry hairs, ghee is a total boon for you. It gets easily absorbed into the scalp, therefore conditions scalp deeply. It is also loaded with antioxidants which help in repairing dry and damaged hairs.

·        Mix oil, ghee and olive oil in equal quantity. Now massage it onto your scalp for 20 minutes and shampoo your hairs afterwards.

Dandruff Treatment: - When your sebaceous glands produce less oil it can make scalp dry and then causes dandruff. Ghee has fatty acids which is rich in vitamins and minerals that help in removing dandruff.

·        Melt few tablespoon of ghee as per your hairs and then add lemon juice in it and massage well. Keep it on your hairs for 20 minutes and rinse with shampoo.


Split End Remedy: - Ghee is rich in antioxidants and vitamins like A, D and E etc which makes it a perfect nourished for dry and coarse split ends. Chemical treatments and heat can make your hairs undernourished causing split ends.

·        To use ghee as a split end treatment use directly on the split ends and rinse with shampoo.

Triggers Hair Growth: - Hair loss is caused by many reasons like stress, undernourished hairs, and other deficiency.The omega 3 and fatty acids in ghee help in overcoming these deficiencies and hair problems.. Ghee has many minerals, vitamins, and arytenoids which help in the production of skin cells growth.

·        To use ghee for hair growth, heat few tablespoons of ghee and add 4 grated almonds to the heated ghee. When the almonds start looking black, strain the oil and apply on the scalp.





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