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7 years ago
Foot Reflexology Massage Benefits and How to do It?

What is Reflexology?
Specific points on the feet, hands and ears are supposed to be linked to various organs in the body.  Foot reflexology is one of the methods of doing reflexology. Each organ system has nerve endings in the feet, hands and ears. The organ system is also called a zone and hence the therapy “zone therapy”. 
Reflexology Benefits:The benefits of Reflexology address holistic health as well as addressing of individual organ systems. Some of the benefits are listed below.
1. Regaining Energy Levels
2. Relieving Pain
3. Post Surgery or Wound Healing
4. Pregnancy and Childbirth
5. Relaxation
Benefits of Foot Massage:Massaging the foot for 10 minutes helps in improving blood circulation in the body. More oxygen is carried to all the cells in the body promoting overall health. The lymphatic system gets stimulated and problems due to varicose veins are also reduced.
1.10 minutes of reflexology before going to bed helps calm the mind and body. This is very true after a hectic day of standing and walking.
2.One of the biggest benefits of foot massage is in relieving of pains and headaches.
3.Doing reflexology on a continuous basis helps in reducing depression symptoms.

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