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7 years ago
The top signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you

Cheating is the worst thing you can ever do to your partner. It is being said that woman don’t cheat but that is not true. According to a recent study, a woman can cheat if she feels she has been taking for granted. If you have doubts about whether your girlfriend is cheating on you or not read on to find the tell tale signs which will open your eye.
She has Changed Her Schedule: - Change is inevitable, everything around us keeps changing be it people or their priorities. But If you think that change in her schedule is too sudden then you should start worrying. Because chances are that she has changed her schedule to spend time with someone else.

She is hiding her phone: - When you are guilty of doing something you try to hide away. You might have noticed that she don’t open her phone in front of you or just leave her phone in other room. This means that she doesn’t want to risk you looking for her phone and catching her.

She started Dressing More Fashionably: - If you girl has started taking extra care of her look out of the blues then you need to worry. If she buying more fashionable clothes without any reason then she might be cheating on you because she is dressing to impress someone else.

She has become extremely defensive: - When you tell her that you feel something is not right and she gives you an aggressive response, it may be because she is hiding something. She even picks fights with you for no reason and then argues so that you leave the relationship and she can get her freedom.

She is asking you about your schedule: - If your girlfriend seems to show too much interest in your whereabouts then it could mean that she is asking all that so she can spend some quality time with the mystery man.

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