How To Get Beautiful Underarms At Home

Dark underarms can be annoying and can restrict your wardrobe choices. So if you are worried about dark underarms, following are some of the listed measures you can take.

Lemon: - Take a lemon and squeeze the juice out of it in a container. Now mix few drop of water in it. Take a cotton bowl and apply it on the underarms, rinse after 15 minutes.


Olive Oil + Sugar: - Take 3 tablespoons of olive oil with two tablespoons of sugar. You can also use powdered sugar instead of normal sugar. Mix these two ingredients and apply it on the underarms. Leave it for 5 minutes then washes it by massaging in gentle circular motions.


Honey + Lemon Juice: -Mix Honey and lemon in 1:1 ratio. Apply this mixture to the underarms and keep it for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

White Vinegar Rice Flour: -Take two tablespoons of rice flour and mix it with 1 tablespoon of water. You can apply this paste on underarms after taking a hot shower for 2o minutes, and then wash it with warm water.

Saffron Milk: -Mix few strands of saffron along with 2 tablespoons of milk. You can apply this mixture on the underarms at night before going to bed and leave it overnight.

Baking Soda +Water - Mix 2-3 tablespoon baking soda along with water to make a thick consistency paste. Gently rub your underarm area with the paste and leave it for a minute. Wash the paste with water and you can repeat this almost regularly.


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