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Few Things You Must Know About Your Man Before Getting Married

How many Kids They Want: - This one is Important, Both of you should be very clear about it. It is not right to misinform someone about whether or not you want children in future or how many children you want. So be very frank about the importance of children to you. You can also ask would they ever consider adoption or not. These things should be discussed ahead of time.

How They Deal With Money: - When it comes to money some of us are savers and while some are spenders. Couples fight about money all the time and even after marriage. Therefore it is better to know how your partner handles money. You can also discuss whether you want a joint account or not.

How Is Their Relationship about with Family: - Both of you have a family of your own and when something major happens you tend to go back to your family. Knowing about your partner's relationship with their family will help the two of you to have a sense of dynamics to discuss challenging times.

How They Handle Anger: - We all get angry but the only difference is some of us get angry very easily and other doesn’t. If you partner is short tempered chances are you two will be fighting all the time. So ask in advance how your partner reacts when they are upset. Do they yell or sit in silence. If you know this you will know what to do when things gets a bit tense.

What are their career and ambition: - It might happen that marriage can be a full stop to one of your goals or dreams. Therefore it is important to know if your partner has some dreams which your partner doesn’t want to give up on or whether the job of one of your forces you to live separate from your partner and how it will affect your marriage. Know more about 

What are their views on sex: - Sexual Demands can differ from person to person. There is no right amount of sex. Discuss your sexual needs otherwise, it can become a reason of conflict.

How Will You Handle The Household chores: - Are both of you going to divide the household chores or one of you going to do it all alone? Just discuss in advance what you expect from your partner.

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