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7 years ago
Feelings of girls you need to know

It is said that girls are impossible to understand. So here we are breaking down the top feelings of girls to help you understand you woman a little better.femaleadda app

# If she says she is sad, but she is not crying, that means she is crying on the inside. Her heart is weeping.

# Unlike guys, girls love to express what they love. It could be anything like music, dance, cooking etc. Due to the expressive nature, there are a number of women compared to men, who like to keep a journal and express their thoughts.

# If a girl express her feelings first towards the guy he likes and in case the guy rejects, then the girl will definitely avoid him. So let the girl take some alone time and the guy can talk to her after few days.

# When a girl ignores you after you have done something wrong, it is advised to give her some alone time so that she can simmer down. You can apologize after she gets cool down.

# When a girl loves a guy, she either can’t find any flaws in her guy or she had already accepted his flaws that are why it becomes quite painful for a girl to deal with a breakup.

# If a girl likes some guy and that guy smiles, stares or make an eye contact then this will definitely go to melt and swoon her.

# Girls love compliments, they love to hear about how they look or whether somebody has noticed her haircut, dress or not. But they definitely don’t know how to react to compliments.

# If a guy flirts with a girl often, then she starts thinking that the guy likes her. So in case you just take a girl as a friend doesn’t go overboard with the flirting.

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