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7 years ago


  1. Vitamins
    Boost your diet with nutritional supplements. They will provide your hair with the vitamins it needs, like B vitamins, which help strengthen your hair and nails. You can also find these hair strengthening vitamins in your refrigerator through foods such as liver, oily fish and eggs.
  1. Massage
    Did you know the roots of your hair are nourished by capillaries that carry oxygen and nutrients? Stimulating the circulation (which slows down with age) will help strengthen the roots of your hair. You can indulge yourself with a scalp massage by a professional, or you can try at home! 
  1. Protection
    Heat is the enemy of hair. But now there are many products you can use to protect your hair from styling tools. Try Pantene's heat protectants for both fine hair and normal to thick hair. Also, avoid showering with overly hot water, since it damages the roots. Instead, alternate between warm and cool water — this will stimulate circulation. Finish with a cold-water rinse for extra shine.

    4. Moisture
    Moisturize your skin, right? Well, your hair also needs moisture. Pantene's Repair & Protect line is formulated to be rich in micro-nutrients, making it ideal for moisturizing normal to thick hair. If you have fine hair, try Pantene’s Aqua Light conditioner, which will moisturize your hair without weighing it down. Try using it before you shampoo. Your hair will absorb the nutrients and be light and bouncy.


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