Essay on Republic Day for students

On the 26th of January 2020, India will celebrate its 71st Republic Day, which is the day when the constitution of India came into effect in the year 1950. It also marks the day when the Indian National Congress made a public declaration of the historic Purna Swaraj (total independence) in 1930. This day is celebrated with fervour and pride across India as it illustrates the importance of all the privileges this nation has offered us and the entire country is decorated in tricolour.
How is Republic Day celebrated

To commemorate the day India formally adopted the constitution and became the Independent Republic, a military parade is held in the national capital, New Delhi, which demonstrates the country's military might and its rich cultural heritage. To showcase the diverse and unique culture of India, several beautiful tableaux designed by various Ministries of India are exhibited during the R-Day parade on the Rajpath.
The parade begins after the President of India, who is also the Supreme Commander of the Armed forces, unfurls the national flag. People across the nation flock to the national capital to be a part of this celebration and catch a glimpse of the historic R-Day parade and tableau showcases.

How is Republic Day celebrated at educational institutions

To honour the Republic Day, schools, colleges, government and private offices are decked up in tricolour balloons and ribbons. Moreover, special functions are organised in the educational institutions where thought-provoking speeches are delivered by students and teachers to celebrate the fact that we all stand as a united force in spite of our differences.

If you are looking for some inspiration to write speeches and essay on Republic Day, here are some ideas which will help in making your essay more effective.

More pointers for the Republic Day essay for students:

1. Why is Republic Day celebrated on the 26th of January every year?

2. What is the history and significance of the national flag?

3. What is the difference between Independence Day and Republic Day of India?

4. What is the history of the declaration of Purna Swaraj by the Indian National Congress?

5. The contribution of Dr B.R. Ambedkar in writing the world’s largest written constitution.

6. The history of the national flag and significance of the three colours.

7. What is the constitution of India? You can also write about the preamble.

8. What is the history of the Republic of India?

9. Include memorable quotes about Republic Day of India by famous personalities

10. How to celebrate Republic Day at home and various educational institutions?
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