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7 years ago
Sins of Style You Need to Avoid

Do you think you are stylish and fashionable? Well, you might be, but even then you can make many style mistakes. Read on to know these common mistakes and try to avoid then from the next time.

You Are Dressing Inappropriately as per the occasion: - Have you ever seen someone wearing denim shorts on a wedding? I am sure you didn’t because it is inappropriate to wear denim to a wedding. To look fashionable it is important to know what to wear on a specific occasion. You should know the difference between when to wear lehenga and when to wear shorts.

You Are Choosing Quality Over Quantity: -  When we go shopping, and there are is discounts on clothes,  we tend to choose a huge number of clothes without giving a second thought on quality. But the low-quality clothes will not last very long but the quality one will. As the high-quality one is made with good stuff and has the best material. Therefore choosing quantity over quality if something you should avoid.

You Are Wearing Clothes Without balance: - Even if you are in branded clothes from top to bottom, there is no balance in the clothes then you are committing a fashion blunder. Outfits should balance together. The color, print, and fit should be in harmony.

You Are Wearing The Wrong Fit: - Do you check your size and fit before buying any clothes? Well, most of us don’t just because we feel a bit lazy to take our measurements and we guess or sizes and end up getting clothes which are either too small or too big for us. In Fashion the right fit can change the whole game so why not measure yourself and take the right size.

You Follow Trends Blind: - Wearing trendy clothes Is on everybody list but before following any trend make sure to try it out and check if it really looks good on you. Does it match with your fashion style? Will it flatter your body shape? And then decide. Choosing fashion trends that never fade away is always best to look classy instead of following anything in excitement.


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