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7 years ago
Effective Baba Ramdev Yoga Asana For Weight Loss

Baba Ramdev has done the tremendous job in the field of yoga. He has more than 20 million followers across the world, He preaches and practices yoga tradition to gain health, live a simple life and lose weight. So here we bring some of the baba ram dev yoga and for effective weight loss.

Kapalbhati: - The kapalbhati also known as the breathing exercise is the most widely practiced yogasan.In this, a person has to sit on the floor crossing legs, keep the back straight along and relax the shoulders. Once the breathing becomes normal you can take a deep breath. You have to pull your stomach in and out simluatenouely with breathing.

Anulom Vilom: - For this also, you need to sit in crossed leg position and let your body breathe. Keep your hands on your knees in resting position. Now take you left thumb and Close the right nostril with the right thumb. Inhale slowly through the left nostril, inhale the oxygen as much as you can, this will fill your lungs with air. Repeat this process.

Anulom Vilom 

Surya Namaskar: - Surya namaskar is the whole body exercise. In Surya namaskar there are 12 yoga poses which makes our whole body to workout, by doing it daily we can become active and strong. Some of the most famous poses of Surya namaskar are the basic prayer pose, forward bend, and

surya namashkar

Trikona Asana: - For trikona asana you have to stand in wide leg position and place it outside at 90 degrees and the left foot is placed in at 15 degrees. Make sure that the center of your right heel is aligned with the center of the arch of the feet. Keep the body balance equal on both the feets.

Trikona Asana

Bhastrika Pranayam: - Bhastrika pranayama is very similar to
kapalbhati and anulom vilom. It is also about controlling your breath and getting oxygen as you breathe. In this, breathe in and out with maximums forces so that pressure is exerted on the stomach which helps in losing more calories.

Bhastrika Pranayam

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