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7 years ago
Drink This For Rapid Weight Loss, Reduce Blood Pressure and Cleansing of Bowel

Spring is the time when we realize how much flabs we have gained over the winters. So if you want to lose extra pounds and flabs to tone your body here is a DIY mix which will help in cleansing the colon and also reduces the blood pressure.

This drink is perfect for people who constantly have a desire to munch on something sweet. This mix can make the bowel movement more regular and lower blood pressure. If you have more than required weight than your liver might be greasy, this drink will take care of your liver too and 
aid the weight loss.

This tonic is full of potassium and magnesium. It has many therapeutic properties that protect against infections, prevents fungal infection, cures fatigue and prevents aging.


# Warm water: 500 gm
# Honey: - 4 tablespoon
# Vinegar: - 4 tablespoon
# Cinnamon: - 1 tablespoon
# Ginger: - 1 teaspoon


==> Take a jar and put some warm water in it.
==> Add cinnamon, ginger, and vinegar and stir it well
==> Take the honey in a big spoon and add two-three drops of water in it is that it get completely dissolved, then add it to water
==> Once in the morning, drink this beverage and drink it throughout the day in equal quantity. You can drink this mix at least one hour before any meal.
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