Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
Do You Know Papaya Can Give Your Skin An Amazing Glow?

“The fruit of the angels” that is the term given by Christopher Columbus for papaya fruit. Apart from papayas being loved and available throughout the year, this fruit is a powerhouse for many nutrients which can boost the health of our skin. 
How to Use Papaya for Skin?
*Just knowing the health benefits of papaya will not do. We need to know the usage of papayas to gain a supple, soft and glowing skin.
*Using papayas topically or consuming the fruit regularly will improve the shine of the skin and keeps it healthy not only from within but also externally which is effective for longer period of time.
*Peels of papayas are effective in whitening the skin not only of our face but also of our legs. 

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