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Common Myths Related To Pregnancy In India

India is a country where people have superstitious beliefs and they connect each and every moment of their lives with these superstitious.This situation is nothing different for a pregnant woman. Elders, relatives give their own advice which is true sometimes but just a myth most of the time. Here are some of the common myths related to pregnancy in India.
  1. Eating saffron will lead to fair skin baby: - In India fair skin is the beauty standard. Though people don’t accept that they discriminate but everybody wants a fair skin child. A pregnant woman is advised by their elders to eat saffron as it could lead to a fair baby but this is so not true. If you are eating saffron during pregnancy it will help you to relax and provide immunity but nothing more than that.
  2. Glowing skin of mother means boy: - It is said that if a mother has glowing skin during pregnancy she will give birth to baby boy. But the truth is glowing skin has nothing to do with baby’s gender. A mother can have glowing skin if she has good genes and takes proper care of her skin.
  3. The shape of the stomach can tell the sex of the baby: - It is a common notion that if a mother is carrying a baby high then it is a baby girl and if she is carrying low then it is a boy. It is totally a myth there is no way that the shape of the baby bump can determine the gender of the baby.
  4. Craving types determine sex: - it is also one of the myth that if the mother craves more for salt rich food then it is a boy and in the case of sweet rich food it is a girl. This is totally wrong. Craving can never determine the child’s gender.
  5. A pregnant woman should avoid going to funerals: - This is just a superstition as per which the evil spirits at the funeral place might disturb the mother and therefore the baby. The pregnant woman is also advised not to go near sick people as the mother can easily catch diseases.  
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