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7 years ago
Most Indian Woman Prefer Men To Make The First Move

According to a survey, in dating, it is always the men first who initiates and not the ladies. Recently the famous marriage portal shadi.com has conducted a survey on this whole idea behind making the first move. This study was conducted to understand the view of woman on making the first move.8,600 responses were received from single/unmarried Indians between the age of 25 and 32.Out of this 49 % were the woman and 51 % men.

In the online poll, it was asked that “would you ever make the first move in a relationship. Almost 70.2 %  woman said that they will never make the first move. When they were asked the reason for saying no, 50.3 % of the woman said “fear of being labeled’, 15.7 percent said “fear of rejection ‘and the remaining said that they want to men to ask first. The next question that was asked was “how do you think men will react “more than 40 percent woman said “men will judge” and the rest of them said that “he won’t believe “or “he will be intimated”. When the benefits of making the first move were asked", ” responses like “We will get to choose the part”, “won’t need to wait “ and “won’t lose out on good men “ were given.

Women are getting ahead men in all fields but when it comes relationship women still want men to make the first move. In this campaign #ladies first, the whole idea is to change the mindset by asking the woman to make the first move in relationships. The response is really good and encouraging and we hope to break the stereotype behind making the first move and help men and woman.

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