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For some of you the idea of getting wax can be a little frightening. The waxing procedure includes the application of hot wax and removal of hairs with wax strips which are quite painful. In order to get a clean and glowing skin, we all suffer from the pain of waxing and sometimes we get rashes and bumps after getting a wax. So here we bring some of the best skincare tips which you can follow to pamper your skin post waxing. To get waxing services at salon and parlor book your appointment online with FemaleAdda.

•   Cleanse the area you have waxed with rose water or witch hazel. Witch hazel and rose water have soothing and antiseptic properties.

•    Take some ice cube and wrap it in a towel. Now apply this towel to the waxed area, your skin will relax by eliminating the red bumps and rashes.

•    Take few drops of baby oil and rub it over the waxed area. This will help in keeping the area moisturized for a prolonged time. You can also apply aloe Vera gel to the waxed area to keep it cool and nourished.

•    Apply Mineral Based Makeup to conceal redness. Mineral based makeup will also help your skin breathe and bring life to the skin.

•    Avoid Swimming in chlorinated water for the next 24 hours after a waxing session.

•    Don’t touch the waxed area to make sure it remains germs free

•    Exfoliate the waxed area at least 2-3 times a week to remove dead skin cell. Choose a mild Exfoliator with gentle beads instead of hard beads.

•    Stay Away from the sun and hot baths to prevent skin redness.

•    Don’t wear tight clothes as they might irritate your skin.   -    #BestSkinCareTipsafterWaxing   #WhattoDoAfterWaxing  #Tipsforsoothingskinafterwaxing  #Postwaxingcare      #Afterwaxingskincaretips             #HowToCareForSkinAfterWaxing    #Treatyourskinafterwaxing    #BestSkinCareTipsafterWaxing   #TopTipsforWaxing   #HowtoCareforYourSkin   #SkincareTipsforWaxing   #WaxingCareTips   #HealYourSkinafterWaxing    #SkinCare    #BeautyIndiaDigital  #BeautyServicePack    #DigitalBeautyIndia    #Make2017aBeautyYear  #Maintainyourbeauty   

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