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7 years ago
Breast Cancer Symptoms — Diagnosis is equal to half cure

Everyone have different size of breasts and depending on the age and time of month the size of the breast also changes. It is very important to pay heed to any unusual changes in breasts size because if you could notice any undesired change at the beginning then cure of this problem is very much possible and you should immediately consult the doctor. Knowing about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer can help you a lot to understand the breast changes which should not be ignored –deals

 Change in Breast/Nipple – If you notice –lump in the breast, thickening in the area nearby underarm, change in nipple tenderness and change in skin texture like enlargement of pores in the skin of breast then you should get it investigated by the healthcare professional.  

 Discharge from Nipple – Clear or bloody discharge from nipple when you are breast feeding should be brought to the knowledge of your doctor. 

 Change in breast/Nipple Appearance – Any unexplained change in the appearance of a breast should not be ignored. Changes like dimpling or puckering, shrinkage, swelling and redness of breast are common symptoms of breast cancer. If you notice that nipple is turning inward or inverted then not to ignore this and consult a doctor immediately. 

 Irritation and Crusting – If you notice any rash or crusting in the nipple or surrounding areas of breast then it might be the sign of breast cancer. It is very important for women to do a daily check of their breasts and for this here is a simple rule of Touch, Look and Check. Touch your breast regularly to feel anything unusual, Look for unexplained changes in shape or texture and final Check anything unusual with your doctor without any delay. Diagnosis at the correct time is equal to half cure.


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