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Body language tricks to attract immediate attention

Body language speaks more than words and a good body language says a lot about whole personality and attitude. Just get right body language by paying heed to few things which you can erase easily from your personality, habits and few things which you can adopt easily –

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Smile – Smile is most contagious part of anybody’s personality which makes others smile too. Whenever you meet somebody then always show a smile to show that you are happy to meet that person. But, don’t laugh into burst unless you met your long time buddy.

Show confidence and feel secure – Being confident is a very much required whenever you meet a new person. For this, try to remove things that make you uncomfortable.

Show confidence and feel secure

Uncross legs and hands – Crossed legs and hands show that you have chosen to be negative or disinterested towards the news ideas. So, always remember to sit or stand with uncrossed legs and hands.
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Clothing choice – Clothing makes a lot of difference in your approach. Wear comfortable clothes so that you can pay attention to what is being said and done instead of getting busy in managing your clothes which are definitely a bad body language.

Respect all – If you treat people with respect then they will do the same. But it simply does not mean to kiss boots all day; it means you just do not make others feel unimportant.

Like everybody – you should always like everybody until you feel as if they don’t deserve it or you doubt their integrity. So try to keep pleasing personality by making yourself approachable with good body language as you are open for conversation.

Like everybody

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