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Best ways to create a strong intimate relationship

We all want to make a strong and healthy relationship with our partner. So read on to get some ideas to create intimate relationships.

Be complete within yourself first: - Relationship is not about merging of souls. Though the idea of two souls becoming one sound good but it is totally sentimental. A healthy relationship consists of two people that are willing to share the life together interdependently. You don’t need to always rely on your partner to complete you. Don’t expect them to cheer you all the time. First, make sure you have a good relationship with yourself. In this way, you will be able to know that you really love them or they are just filling the emptiness in your life.

Be Realistic: - We all want to be loved. For that, we look for that one person our whole life. Some people start looking at our significant other as a symbol of the life we have built rather who they are as a person. We should not forget change is the only constant thing, we all evolve and your partner will evolve too.tyr to understand your partner. His hopes, dreams, happiness and fault. After all, you are going to share your life with them you need to know them and accept them as they are.try to see the dark as well as the bright side of your partner and know them inside out.

Spend Some Time Together: - Giving quality time to your relationship is important .we all get butterflies in the stomach when the relationship is new but after some time you might become comfortable with each other sitting comfortably even when you two are not talking. It completely ok to zone out at times but you should also make time for each other as well have a proper conversation from time to time.

Expect Less: - Putting too much expectation in your partner is not fair. Expecting respect, love and kindness is good but expecting them to act, dress and speak in a certain way is not right. Some people put an unfair expectation on the relationship itself. Expecting their partners to make them happy all the time or expecting to make you complete. If this is the case you are going to disappoint yourself.

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