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7 years ago
Pumice Stone: Best And Painless Method of Hair Removal

 When an Indian woman visits parlor she makes sure to get her eyebrows done, get rid of facial hair and wax underarms, legs and hands. All of these are the most common beauty services most of the woman definitely takes. But ladies if you are tired of the waxing and hair removal process then you need to try a pumice stone. Read on to find out about how it helps in hair removal and its pros and cons.

A pumice stone is a lightweight stone that can float on water. Reason being, the entire stone has bubbles of air trapped inside it, this gives it a rough, abrasive and coarse texture. This texture helps in removing the hairs easily. When you rub it against hairs, it abrades the hair shaft. So when you repeat this procedure it makes your hair thinner and finer. The thick hairs get caught in the tiny holes of pumice stones in this way the hairs get pulled out during the process.

Pumice Stone Pros: - Those who have tried using pumice stone said that after using it for 14 days for arms, legs and face said that it actually worked. Within just a few days of using the stone, the hairs become soft and thinner. This method is painless but it gives a slight pricking sensation.

Pumice stone Cons: - If you have thick hairs then the panic stone might not work for you. Also you have to put in some time and effort to scrub your body with a pumice stone. It takes at least one 3to 4 weeks to see any visible results.
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