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6 years ago
Benefits of Strength Training Exercise For Women

There are very few women in the world who opt for weight training as women are never associated with weight training. Women like to have feminine look so they avoid strength training as it might make them look muscular. But it is just a myth if you do the right strength training it will never develop bulging muscles. Instead of that, it has many benefits for women. Read On To Find Out.

Improves Cognitive Functions of the Brain: - As per many studies strength training exercise improves cognitive functioning of the brain and it also enhances the ability to take a decision. Also, it helps in encouraging the ability to concentrate and improve focus.

Promotes the calories burning: - When you do strength training you burn calories even when you stop doing the strength training. Since strength training needs more calories to build and maintain muscle it shoots up your metabolism to 15 percent.

Prevents diseases: -As per previous studies, there are many wellness benefits of strength training. For arthritis patients, it can decrease the pain. It also helps in improving bone density post-menopause. Also, recent studies suggest that Millions of Americans with type 2 diabetes in America have tried strength training and it has significantly improved glucose level.

Better Body Mechanics: - Apart from toned body strength training has many benefits. The body balance and posture improves. The flexibility is improved and it lessens the risk of falling.

Keep the weight off: - Well there are no second thoughts about losing excess pounds by strength training. But it also helps in maintain a required amount of weight most. As per on the previous studies women who do weight train only 3 times a week has a higher rate of burning calories on a normal day.

Improves mood and energy level: - Strength training can increase the level of endorphins in the body which makes you feel elated and high on energy. It also works as an
antidepressant and improves the overall quality of life.

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