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Benefits of Sea Salt in Skincare and Hair care

We use salt as a flavoring agent, read on to find out about how it can benefit our skin and hair.

Pore Cleanser: - Sea Salt cleanses the pore from the inside and also maintains sebum production. It also helps in keeping the moisture barrier intact therefore preventing stripping of natural oil from the face. Its anti-bacterial benefits produce fewer bacteria and therefore less acne

Face Exfoliator: - It is a natural exfoliator and its minerals provide nourishing benefits to the skin. Just mix few tablespoon of sea salt along with olive oil and massage in circular motion to restore, revive glowing skin.

Bath Salt: - Sea salt absorbs really well into the skin that is why it is used in the bath to remove dirt, toxins and dead skin cells from the body. It also has mineral content which revives the basic protect layers on the skin, therefore, keep the hydration intact.

Anti-Dandruff Treatment: - Sea salt is also helpful in getting rid of flaky and dandruff scalp. It helps in promoting blood circulation and therefore a healthy scalp. It takes away the excess oil and keeps the moisture barrier intact. Therefore fighting the root cause of dandruff.

Nails: - Sea salt is also helpful in taking complete care of nails. From removing yellow stains to soften cuticles they can do it all. Therefore soak your nails in water full of sea salt to make them stronger and brighter.

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