Beauty Benefits of Mineral Oil

Keeping skin soft and 
suppled is very easy if you are using mineral oil regularly. This oil is very commonly used in skin care products like moisturiser and lip balm. In many hair products, mineral oil is used to in abundance. Baby oil is made purely of mineral oil. Here are given some of the most useful beauty benefits of mineral oil -

# Mineral oil maintains skin clearance and smoothness. It contains high emollient which makes skin soft and silky. The best time to apply mineral oil on the skin is right after taking shower.

# Mineral oil works as hydration oil. Few skin care products are highly chemical based so you can not use same product all over the body. So if you want something that works equally on face and neck then you can choose to apply mineral oil. After washing skin, pat it dry and then massage mineral oil thoroughly. It will absorb the moisture and keep skin hydrated whole day.

# Mineral oil provides nourishment for drying skin. Dry skin results in skin problems like dry patches and flaky skin. Mineral oil acts perfectly to cure dry skin problems as well as it heals skin very quickly.

# Mineral oil acts as an anti-aging product. Long term regular usage of mineral oil on skin thickens the outer layer of skin, decreases fine lines and other signs of ageing such as flaky patches.
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